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HP Tuners selects Driveline Studios as global media partner

HP Tuners selects Driveline Studios as global media partner


HP Tuners, the worldwide leader in custom tuning, appoints Driveline Studios, the full-service media agency for the automotive aftermarket, as the company’s new media partner. Driveline Studios will oversee the day-to-day operation of HP Tuners’ marketing and social media efforts through innovative content generation, active brand management, social engagement, editorial distribution, and event marketing. Driveline Studios will lead the creation of print, online, and social editorial, as well as provide photographic and video elements for the HP Tuners brand.

“HP Tuners has been the go-to tuning software for many years, and we’re extremely excited to work with them moving forward. The brand is strong, the software is incredible, and the future of HP Tuners is bright. Through increased engagement with HP Tuners’ already strong dealer and tuner network, we plan to solidify HP Tuners’ presence in the market and expand as new products and solutions come available,” said Justin Cesler, the owner of Driveline Studios.

“HP Tuners is proud to announce a partnership with Driveline Studios for marketing.  HP Tuners is confident that Justin Cesler, the man behind the wheel at Driveline Studios will be a powerful resource and help to deliver the HP Tuners message clearly and concisely,” said Jay Payson, director of Sales and Marketing at HP Tuners. Mr. Payson, who currently oversees the sales and marketing division, will continue his critical role within HP Tuners and work alongside Driveline Studios to expand HP Tuners’ user base and market.

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