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Redline Motorsports’ Adrenaline Rush C7

Clients 2013

Redline Motorsports, a leading late-model performance car builder and designer, has released build specifications for the company’s all-new Adrenaline Rush package. Designed specifically for the C7 Corvette Stingray, the Adrenaline Rush combines supercar performance with stunning good looks and the power to back it all up.

Redline Motorsports’ fabrication division has developed a complete twin turbocharged power plant for the Adrenaline Rush C7, capable of delivering over 625 brake horsepower (BHP) in street trim. Additionally, the Adrenaline Rush package will feature custom coil-over Magnetic Ride shocks to keep the Corvette gripped tightly to both the road and track, which works in conjunction with the exclusive wheel and tire package, available only to Redline Motorsports customers.

Every Adrenaline Rush C7 will be outfitted with an exclusive carbon fiber aero package that includes a functional front splitter, complete with high intensity driving lights and a front mount intercooler air scoop, along with side skirts, and an improved rear spoiler. The rear fascia of the Adrenaline Rush has also been radically redesigned for a much more aggressive look. Other enhancements include embroidered interior accents, carbon fiber upgrades, and advanced E92 VCM calibration, which all combine to take the C7 Corvette to the next level.

To order your 2014 Adrenaline Rush C7, contact Redline Motorsports today. Availability will be limited and each Adrenaline Rush C7 will be built to order. Additional packages, including a 1,000hp Twin Turbo upgrade, are available.


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